3 Kings Roof Services are not only the best around, but we cover all types of roof surfaces found in Indiana and the Midwest. Regardless of the roof surface, you choose from 3 Kings, it will be covered under our unmatched Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.


Asphalt Roof

You will also find what we call designer shingles, as well as cedar shake and slate roofing systems. These are typically higher priced systems that carry a much different look. However, the drawback, in addition to price, is the fact they typically do not hold up like our next category of dimensional shingles.

Without doubt, the vast majority of roof surfaces being installed in Indiana are indeed asphalt roofs. There are three main types of asphalt shingles. First there are 3-tab shingles. We still find way to many of this type of shingle. Think about this. The average 3-tab shingle comes with a 60 MPH wind warranty and here in Indiana, we regularly have 60+ MPH winds.

Dimensional, sometimes referred to as architectural, shingles are the best buy available. They carry the best warranty in all regards and typically stand up to father time and mother nature much better than other roof surfaces.

3 Kings is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor so there is no secret which manufacturer we recommend. Owens Corning roof products are indeed the best products produced. 3 Kings believes to be fact because of all the years we have installed and inspected shingles. Moreover, the Owens Corning warranty is the best in the industry.

When it comes to shingle recommendations, we always recommend the Owens Corning Duration shingle. This shingle has a very unique design they call SureNail. It is a revolutionary improvement that makes the Duration shingle the most adhered shingle to the roof on your home.

In addition to Duration being the best shingle model, Owens Corning provides a lifetime warranty on this shingle. Since 3 Kings is also an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and the fact we install an Owens Corning System Roof, our customers enjoy a lifetime warranty on the materials, the labor and the workmanship.


Metal Roof

Metal roof surfaces have become more popular over the years. If you simply want the look, then by all means let’s discuss what 3 Kings can do for you. If you are looking for the best by and the lowest cost of ownership and maintenance, you should still consider the Owens Corning Duration Shingle.

Metal Roofs have the same 50 year warranty, but tend to be 30-50% more in cost of installation. Most of this is simply the additional time to install metal over asphalt.

In metal roofs, there are panel style and shingle style. Panel systems come in what we have termed standing seam with hidden or exposed fasteners. These have been the most popular over the past 10-15 years.

A newer metal system is what is called shingle style. The are installed in the same manner an asphalt shingle is and comes in similar size and styles as asphalt shingles. This shingle style is by far our recommendation if you are considering metal. Simply put, the shingle style does not stand out like panel style and the repair potential is much easier with this system.


Rubber Roof

We think of rubber roof systems on flat surfaces. This can be on commercial or residential structures, just like asphalt or metal, but rubber is specific for flat surfaces.

There are options within this category, but they are minimal and specific to each structure. For the best recommendations to fit your desires, contact 3 Kings Roof Services to help you navigate this murky water of construction

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