When it comes to your roof, it can be hard to determine when work needs to be done. From afar your roof may look fine, but that doesn’t mean it is offering the quality of protection you expect. While being able to determine if small repairs are necessary can be a challenge, there are several signs to look out for that will indicate a roof replacement is necessary. At 3 Kings Roofing and Construction in Central Indiana, we offer the best roofing services using the highest quality material. If you notice any of these signs, you likely need a roof replacement! Be sure to contact our team!


Man inspecting a roof with water damage.

You’re Noticing Leaks

Visible leaks in your home should be a clear sign that your roof needs to be replaced. Roof leaks can occur for many reasons including worn out material, storm damage, and more. When the material on your roof weakens, water is able to seep through the shingles and into your house. Sometimes, a small leak can be patched or fixed with a simple repair, however, it is common for small leaks to go undetected until it is too late. At this point, a roof replacement is needed. Our team can help determine if your roof needs a simple repair or a full replacement.

Roofing shingles curling.

Shingles Are Curling

Curling shingles can be a sign that you may need a roof replacement as well. When the edges are curled up and the middle of the shingles looks like it is sinking in, not only will it affect the appearance of your home, but it should also be a problem you get fixed right away. Curled shingles can occur for a variety of reasons, from poor attic ventilation and improper installation to old age and moisture. If the cause of your curling shingles is old age or moisture, a roof replacement may be necessary. Getting your roof inspected can help determine if you need a roof replacement. If you do, we recommend doing it right away so that the curled shingles don’t become a larger problem.


Bubbling paint on the ceiling.

Paint Is Bubbling On The Ceiling

If you notice that paint is bubbling on the ceiling, it may be a sign of water damage, which could be due to a roof leak. While this water damage could be caused by a burst pipe, if you notice the water damage in your attic as well, it is likely a roofing issue. Bubbling paint could mean that water is starting to pool in your attic and soak through to the rest of your home. If you notice bubbling paint, it is best to get in touch with our roofing contractors as quickly as possible.


Water stain on the ceiling.

Ceiling Stains

Ceiling and wall stains are also signs of water damage. Stains, streaks, and water spots can be an indicator that water is leaking from somewhere. If the stains are on the ceiling or close to the top of the walls, it likely means it is a leak from your roof. Again, be sure to check the attic to see if there are any water stains up there. If there are, your roof likely needs some work.



While many roofing issues can be fixed with a simple roof repair, every so often a full roof replacement is needed. Our team at 3 Kings Roofing and Construction in Central Indiana can help determine if a roof replacement is needed for your home. Be sure to contact us today to schedule an inspection and get a quote!

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