Ensuring that your house is fully functional and everything is running as it should is an integral part of being a homeowner. Every part of your house has a role to play. For example, your roofing system is in place to keep your house cool and dry and protect you from Mother Nature. However, when it’s no longer able to fulfill this role, you have to repair it or consider an entire roof replacement. For homeowners in Fishers, hailstorms and severe wind are the main weather conditions contributing to their roofing damage.

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How These Elements Affect Your Home In Fishers


Significant storm damage is one of the leading reasons for roof replacements in the US. Storms are often accompanied by intense wind speeds, significant rainfall, snow, or hail. These weather conditions can wear away at your roofing materials, leading to their gradual deterioration. Uprooted trees and downed power lines usually end up falling on rooftops due to severe wind speeds.


Wind can be quite a deadly force, especially in areas like Fishers. Winds that reach speeds of over 100 mph can quickly cause significant damage to your roofing system, damages which include wind uplift, destruction to gutters, loosening of soffits and fascias, and more. Extreme wind events like tornadoes or hurricanes can completely destroy your rooftop or even your home.


Hail is notorious for beating up roofing systems pretty bad. When large hailstones beat down on your rooftop, they can cause your roof tiles to crack, dent your metal panels, dislodge your gutter system and even shatter your windows.

Old Age

Homeowners commonly replace their roofing systems once it has reached the end of its lifespan. This is because an old rooftop is no longer capable of protecting you and your home from the outside world. Common problems experienced with an old rooftop include missing shingles, weakened roof deck, roof leaks, and more.

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