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Cedar roofing is an attractive and sturdy option for your roof, giving your home a rustic, countryside look that is impossible to replicate. This lightweight, eco-friendly option is not going to be the cheapest roofing available, but if you’re looking for charm and durability, this could be the roof of your dream home.

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Types of Cedar Roofs Roofs We Install

There are two types of cedar roofing to consider: cedar shake roofing and cedar shingle roofing. They may sound a lot alike, so let’s talk about the differences between them.

Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shakes are hand-cut from blocks of wood, giving them a more rustic appearance. They are also thicker than cedar shingles, making them slightly more expensive and more durable.

Cedar Shingle Roofing

Cedar shingles are machine-cut and feature cleaner edges. They have a smooth surface to produce a more uniform appearance. Depending on which part of the tree they are cut from, they can range in thickness. The thicker the shingle, the more expensive and durable it will be.

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Pros and Cons of Cedar Roofing

When making your selection about the type of cedar roofing to fit your needs, there will be pros and cons. We have broken down the list for you: 

Pros of Cedar Roofing

  • Eco-Friendly: Many shakes and shingles are made from salvaged trees that have fallen over from age or have been toppled over by storm. At the end of their service life, they can be recycled into wood chips, mulch, or compost.
  • Durable: Cedar roofing can last 5-10 years longer than asphalt, making them competitively priced with asphalt over their lifespan.
  • Beauty: Cedar roofs have a natural beauty that ranges from rustic shakes to handsome and neat shingles

Cons of Cedar Roofing

  • Expensive: While cedarwood is quite durable, repairs can be expensive if they are required.
    Staining: Staining of the shingles or shakes might occur as natural factors cause tannins to be released from the wood.
  • High-maintenance: Untreated wood shakes and shingles need to be consistently cleaned to prevent the growth of algae or moss, and debris must be cleared off regularly to allow the wood to breathe.

Cedar Roof FAQs

Is cedar the only type of wood shingle out there?

No, you can also find wood shingles and shakes made of redwood, cypress, and pressure-treated pine.

Does it cost more than regular asphalt shingles?

A cedar roof will cost more than an asphalt shingle roof upfront. However, the extra life you can get out of a cedar roof makes it competitively priced with an asphalt roof.

How many years will a cedar roof last?

Cedar roofs can last up to 25-35 years with proper maintenance.

Is cedar roofing fireproof?

There are some areas that are prone to wildfires that prohibit wood roofing, so be sure to check with your building department first. Non-treated materials have a Class C fire rating, but you can also find treated cedar shakes and shingles.


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