3 Kings Roofing and Construction provides custom exterior painting services at a fraction of the cost of other companies. We use only the best products from Sherwin Williams. They provide our experts with consistent products for flawless applications. They provide our customers with the protection and look they demand.

What does “quality” mean, and what benefits does high-quality exterior paint provide?

Painting is an investment for you, money and your desire to have the look you are seeking. You may have heard others say it pays to spend a little extra to get a high-quality, long-lasting finish. But what does “quality” mean, and what benefits do high-quality paints provide?

3 Kings Roofing and Construction believes quality first starts with appearance and exterior paint can only look crisp and sharp when it is produced with the best ingredients. Sherwin Williams certainly meets that standard.

To us, it goes way deeper. Your home is your single greatest investment and protecting it for the long haul is as important as appearance. Sherwin Williams exterior paint is designed to protect for decades to come.

Before you specify paint based on price, consider this: Lower-quality paints require more coats to cover and, because they aren’t as durable, need maintenance much sooner. This is especially true with exterior paint.

So, to get a true idea of costs, look beyond the initial price tag and compare the cost per year of service. For example, say you’re painting a home that requires 20 gallons of exterior latex. You have two options:

Buy a lower grade paint at $20 per gallon with an expected life span of six years.

Buy a high-quality 25-year paint at $35 per gallon.

In the first scenario, your out-of-pocket cost would be $400. Since the paint is expected to last six years, the cost per year is $67. In the second scenario, your material cost is $700. But because the paint has a 25-year lifespan, your cost per year is only $28.

By and large, quality companies charge about the same for labor, so it all comes down to how well you want to protect your home. Either way, we always get what we pay for when it comes to exterior paint.

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