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At 3 Kings Roofing and Construction, we know what it takes to deliver excellent roofing solutions to the community of Anderson. We provide exceptional workmanship, affordable prices, and dedicated customer service. The city of Anderson has relied on our excellent roofing work for more than a decade, and our loyal customer base grows in leaps and bounds by the day.

As a proud veteran and family-owned business, we are dedicated to using only the highest-quality roofing materials to create the roofing system that will significantly improve your home’s visual appeal and protect it from nature’s wrath for years to come. Our highly qualified roofers are trained to install nearly every kind of roofing material, offer professional roof repairs, and provide thorough roofing inspections.

If you’re looking for a dedicated roofing company capable of catering to all your roofing needs, call 3 Kings Roofing and Construction today.

3 Kings Roofing and Construction Roofing Services

Thorough Roof Inspections

Conducting a thorough roofing inspection is the best way to start your roofing project off on the right foot. These inspections will allow us to determine the state of your roofing system, the extent of your roofing damages, and the best course of action to deliver you the best roofing system possible. To make sure that we survey every nook and cranny, we make use of the latest drone technology.

Roof Repairs

Maintaining your roofing system is vital to its effectiveness and longevity. One of the essential parts of your maintenance plan is staying up to date with your roof repairs. Most roof repairs can be dealt with quickly and are relatively affordable. That’s why it’s essential for you not to let these minor damages spiral out of control and become a large and expensive problem. At 3 Kings Roofing and Construction, we’ll see to all your roof repairs so that your roof can get back to doing its job.

Roof Installations

Embarking on a new roof installation project can be stressful and expensive. There are many moving parts, factors you need to consider, and important decisions you need to make. It helps when working with a reliable roofing company, like 3 Kings Roofing and Construction.

Roof Replacement

When the roof of your home needs replacing, you’ll want to deal with it as quickly and pain-free as possible, and that’s where we come in. Our expert roofers will answer all your questions, provide you with quality roofing materials and keep you up to date on the progress of your roofing project, ensuring a successful roof replacement project.

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Anderson Roofing FAQ

What is the cost of roofing in Anderson?
The cost of replacing your home’s roof in Anderson ranges from $1,500 to $53,000. This is mainly dependent on the size of your roofing system, the roofing materials you install, and the duration of your installation.
What types of materials can I have installed on my Anderson roof?
At 3 Kings Roofing And Construction, our roofers are trained to install excellent asphalt, metal, slate, cedar, and flat roofing systems for your home.
What is the duration of a roofing project?
How long your roofing project takes will depend on the work that needs to be done. Roof repairs can span anywhere from an hour to 24 hours. A roof replacement takes about 24 hours to a week to complete.

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Our top-rated roofing services, use of high-quality roofing materials, and honest and transparent customer service make us one of the leading roofing companies in Anderson and the Indianapolis metro area. Give us a call today and allow us to transform your roofing system and your home completely.

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